Good Photos, Great Results!


How Hong Kong chiropractor Sunny Chueng sought professional help to get great photos for his practice website TSTCC

Finding the right, great photos for a website is crucial. The images’ quality can influence how the visitors perceive the site- whether it is trustworthy or not. Having this in mind, the Hong Kong chiropractor Sunny Chueng had to seek expert assistance to get awesome pictures for his page about 坐骨神經痛 症狀  It is a human psychology to get attracted towards pretty and nice photos, and are fast to judge when something does not appear good. 


Finding high-quality images is available from free resources while others are paid services. Free images are termed as creative commons. These photos are free to download and to upload in a website if at all credit is offered to the image owner. However, selection of such free websites may be limited. Paid images usually pay the owner of the photos where such websites offer access to a huge array of stock photos for most industries. 


High-quality photos are important to a website to make it look more professional. It is a quick way to upgrade the appearance and feel of the website with minimal work. Great photos make products more desirable and appealing. More importantly, it makes the website appear more expensive. Good visual content enhances engagement thus a win-win for both the site visitor and the owner. 


When choosing the images, Sunny Chueng applied four criteria. First, high-quality images that are not pixelated or fuzzy were used on the site. Seeking professional helps get unique images that are more candid and real to help better connection with the website visitors. Expert help helped pick photos that have meaning and easy to understand by the website visitors. The images in Chueng’s website work to his advantage as they show what the website is all about, plus more added advantage of capturing more attention. The images used in the website have faces, which is a technique to passing on crucial information to make the audience pay additional attention. Like these examples of sciatica photography


Professional photographers can be found by referrals or enlisting them on social media contacts. Moreover. Google searches may lead one to find an expert photographer and Yelp search for nearby photographers. The lower cost alternatives include listing in the Craiglist, taking own photos, using a tripod for quality images and others. Using an expert photographer is important because the photos become exclusive to the website, where no one else is permitted to use them with the owner’s permission. 


Sunny Chueng also used a photographer in the specific niche of commercial photography. The photographer also narrowed into further specialization, in this case chiropractic photos. Photography organizations also helped get professional help- such organizations include Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

The team photos used express culture and consistency of the health center. These photos make the customer look well practiced. These photos can be used in other places such as professional social media profiles such as Facebook or LinkedIn. From his website, it is evident that the HongKongchiropractor Sunny Chueng sought professional help to get great photos for his practice website