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How Hong Kong chiropractor Sunny Chueng sought professional help to get great photos for his practice website TSTCC

Finding the right, great photos for a website is crucial. The images’ quality can influence how the visitors perceive the site- whether it is trustworthy or not. Having this in mind, the Hong Kong chiropractor Sunny Chueng had to seek expert assistance to get awesome pictures for his page about 坐骨神經痛 症狀  It is a human psychology to get attracted towards pretty and nice photos, and are fast to judge when something does not appear good. 


Finding high-quality images is available from free resources while others are paid services. Free images are termed as creative commons. These photos are free to download and to upload in a website if at all credit is offered to the image owner. However, selection of such free websites may be limited. Paid images usually pay the owner of the photos where such websites offer access to a huge array of stock photos for most industries. 


High-quality photos are important to a website to make it look more professional. It is a quick way to upgrade the appearance and feel of the website with minimal work. Great photos make products more desirable and appealing. More importantly, it makes the website appear more expensive. Good visual content enhances engagement thus a win-win for both the site visitor and the owner. 


When choosing the images, Sunny Chueng applied four criteria. First, high-quality images that are not pixelated or fuzzy were used on the site. Seeking professional helps get unique images that are more candid and real to help better connection with the website visitors. Expert help helped pick photos that have meaning and easy to understand by the website visitors. The images in Chueng’s website work to his advantage as they show what the website is all about, plus more added advantage of capturing more attention. The images used in the website have faces, which is a technique to passing on crucial information to make the audience pay additional attention. Like these examples of sciatica photography


Professional photographers can be found by referrals or enlisting them on social media contacts. Moreover. Google searches may lead one to find an expert photographer and Yelp search for nearby photographers. The lower cost alternatives include listing in the Craiglist, taking own photos, using a tripod for quality images and others. Using an expert photographer is important because the photos become exclusive to the website, where no one else is permitted to use them with the owner’s permission. 


Sunny Chueng also used a photographer in the specific niche of commercial photography. The photographer also narrowed into further specialization, in this case chiropractic photos. Photography organizations also helped get professional help- such organizations include Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

The team photos used express culture and consistency of the health center. These photos make the customer look well practiced. These photos can be used in other places such as professional social media profiles such as Facebook or LinkedIn. From his website, it is evident that the HongKongchiropractor Sunny Chueng sought professional help to get great photos for his practice website


Tauranga Golf Club Photography

Getting in the Swing of things!

In the modern world, everything happens too fast for anyone to linger on the negative. Most times when you think about it the real problem comes in with presentation of any product. In this case, golf clubs that don’t get the right presentation are likely to perform poorly. When you need to attract players to a club, you have to entice them to want to play on your golf course. This is where great photography comes in to play. A quality tauranga photographer was needed to get great landscape shots of the course. Lauren Davis from Focus on Photography was up to the task. With the speed at which technology has been transforming recently, there are many ways to reach out to the public to intrigue them to wanting to tee off on your course.

The golf courses websites are the first places that golfers visit when they want to find a good venue to play their favorite sport. You need to have an online presence that tells the public about your club. Don’t focus too much on any area and forget the rest as most clubs are doing lately. They focus more on the club house and forget that their members are primarily there for the course. Show each and every hole in all its majesty. Let the members, visitors and players crave to play each and every one of those holes. This means that you get the best possible photographer. Professional experience and expertise can never be substituted. Get a professional that will deliver quality photographs and let the golf club sell itself. Keep that website updated and make it informative. Golf is changing and so are the players. It is about time the golf clubs started following suit. 

Good marketing communicates that to the public without them setting a foot at the club. It’s always best to show than to explain, and that’s what good photography brings you. It goes without saying that golf clubs have a rich natural atmosphere about them and if taken advantage of it is a marketing goldmine.

When you go through golf courses photographs and you see the courses that are being played on, how beautiful that  view is it makes you want to get on your feet and play around. With golf clubs now in such abundance, there is a race for members and players.  Exposure is always key to attract more business with players now in a rush to explore many different courses. It is scientifically proven that people remember what they see more than what they hear or read. Show them your club and let them want to experience it for what it is. “Capture a moment and let it tell its own story,” I once heard a phrase like that. Inspire potential players.

The visuals done at a particular time can be used in the future as far as the course is concerned. Besides the visuals being used for the club website it can be used on its email marketing and printed media, blog posts and smart-phone apps and social media. Good photography is the best foundation for any club to use for its marketing campaign.

Recently, Tauranga Golf Club requested the services of Lauren Davis of Focus on Photography to enhance their online gallery of landscape photography images. Lauren Davis is one of our talented professionals with years of experience under her belt and is accredited with a lot of great work. Check her out for all your photography needs.

Pic Pulse Photography


Pic Pulse Photography started with a greatest hobby and thought of a basic question why am I taking pictures? What’s so uncommon about photography contrasted with other visual artistic expressions? 

I’m not composing this to give you a reply, but rather I’m sharing why I adore what photography accomplishes for me and why I believe that interest in photography is such an awesome pastime to coordinate into my life, which additionally came about to me beginning a photography blog webpage. 

As I share my own motivations to these inquiries and I’d get a kick out of the chance to urge you to include yours in the remarking segment too. Don’t hesitate to add a connection to your blog or display for everybody to appreciate also. 

I’m certain everyone has a GREAT story to tell. 

I trust we as a whole grabbed a camera at an extremely youthful age, regardless of how basic or essential that camera may have been. My first camera was a Canon Snappy 50 given to me by my mother when I was 8. I trust it was a direct result of the 84 Olympics advertisements that I found in the magazines that continued publicizing this camera. It’s surprisingly long edge and that little orange tab to make the blaze fire were what tops off an already good thing for a 8-yo! I needed the star-radiant form however that was inaccessible in Asia in those days. 

Anyway, my mother was a screen bug, not in a specialized or creative sense, be that as it may. 

Like most mothers, she snaps everything and records each and every humiliating huge minute my sister and I experience. It resembled a journal for her, and she wound up having bags of photograph prints sorted in plastic sacks and Dymo marks (recall those? Damn I’m dating myself a lot here!). 

Quick forward to my review school and secondary school years, my camera enterprises hovered around taking photographs of companions, skateboarding jokes, and military craftsmanship occasions. In school, the procurement of an appropriate SLR opened the conduit of apparatus desire and more genuine periods of photography. 

Now that I’m a father, my camera’s occupation hovered back to what my mother used to do, archiving my child’s undertakings. My child’s day by day photograph journal began four years back despite everything i’m doing it now. I wanted to be ready to begin the every day photograph extend prior, yet in any event I took enough pictures of him since birth that my gathering can in any case be viewed as “total” 

Photography likewise fills a considerable measure of less individual requirements for me. From taking pictures for my organizations, gaining openings through paid photography benefits, or notwithstanding beginning my internet blogging venture (this website!). I wouldn’t have encountered those things in the event that it wasn’t a direct result of photography. 

Many feel that photography interest isn’t a craftsmanship nor should it merit as much consideration as depictions since it’s generally simple to get into photography. While I do consent to a specific degree, there are a few elements the naysayers neglect to acknowledge also. 

Anybody with a picture catching gadget can begin with photography, that makes it fun and individual for everybody. Yes, you needn’t bother with ability to take pictures, however unless your objective was to make photography your specialty medium, there’s nothing amiss with quite recently snapping pictures with no worry on details nor style. 

I don’t think there’ll be many individuals out there strolling into a craftsmanship store purchasing an arrangement of paint brushes and begin painting out of comfort or drive. I’ve yet to see a noteworthy feature news minute being drawn or painted either, it’s recently not a prompt approach to convey contrasted with photography. Ever asked why it’s less demanding to discover a camera available to be purchased than an arrangement of workmanship brush? 

I welcome a decent portray or painting as much as anybody, however for a person like me who has no ability in painting or drawing, there’s a major, undetectable divider keeping me from associating with any paint craftsman. 

A photo, then again, permits me to envision as though I’m seeing the place through the eyes of the picture taker (I abhor that platitude, yet there’s no better expression). 

With advanced photography, the prompt criticism associates us significantly quicker. Camera telephones, remote transfers, online networking sharing all permits us to see the world as it happens – yes, regardless of the possibility that there’s no expertise included!